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part number: OP-077-B1

CITROENBERLINGO M-10/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
CITROENBERLINGO XL-10/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
CITROENC3 AIRCROSS II-10/2017 - I (>60)Coding required.
DSDS 3 CROSSBACKU-05/2019 - I (>60)Coding required.
DSDS 3-08/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
DSDS 3-08/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
OPELCOMBOX19-10/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
OPELCOMBO LIFE-10/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
OPELCOMBO LIFE XL-10/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
OPELCROSSLAND X-06/2017 - I (>60)Coding required.
PEUGEOTPARTNER-11/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
PEUGEOTPARTNER-11/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
PEUGEOTRIFTER L1-10/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.
PEUGEOTRIFTER L2-10/2018 - I (>60)Coding required.

Socket type7-pole screw
Check ControlFor vehicles with and without Light failure sensor
FoglampFog light connection / Fog light cut off
Indicator ControlModule with power supply
Wiring loom with/without original connectorsWith original connectors
PDC cut offSwitches original PDC off
Manuals BOX-LABEL OP077B1.pdf
OP077B1 DS web.pdf
OP077B1 Opel Citroen Peugeot web.pdf
OP077B1 Opel Corsa F Peugeot 208 2008 web.pdf
OP077B1 Product Overview.pdf